Having spent most of her life in Sioux Falls and determined to find herself, she took off for Melbourne, Australia in 2017 for one year. 


It was in Richmond, AU, where a bright neon pineapple sign first grabbed her attention. Yoga 213 would be the key to her Eat, Pray, Love adventure. It's a home like none other found in the heart of the city. Bright yellow steps leading up to the land of hip hop Oz, Biggie on the wall, a hot cuppa and yet another neon sign, but this one glowed the words we dream of, "To Be Happy"! Tray hated yoga then but soon learned that being on the mat was a journey of self reflection and self love.

After a two week trial she was ready to dive into the yoga world through hip hop music. After completing her intensive 200 hour Yearly Teacher Training in 30 days, Tray submerged herself into the practice of yoga determined to understand more in order for her to share her passion with her home grown roots.

Now turn to your fellow yogi, give em a fist bump and tell em "what up?"!